Bring your presentation to life with virtual presenters

Living Actor™ Presenter
Living Actor™ Presenter offers powerful and innovative features to allow you to produce your virtual presenters. After your account is created you can access your full avatar gallery, your animation studio, and your video library!
Avatar Gallery

Get unlimited access to a wide variety of high quality 3D animated avatars. Every month, discover new characters and updates. Stay tuned!

  • 3D full body avatars
  • More than 34 expressive behaviors
  • Great diversity (design, culture, age)
  • Several monthly updates
3D Avatar Gallery
Animation Studio

Become your own movie Director and produce your video presentations. Five easy steps and many options will give you the ideal tool kit to become fully autonomous!

  • Choice of the avatar’s shot
  • Many backgrounds to choose from
  • Multilingual text-to-speech
  • Automatic lip and behavioral synchronization (Living Actor™ Technology)
User-friendly Animation Studio
Video Library

Retrieve all your videos online in MyVideos. You will be able to replay them, tag them, or organize them. You will also be able to download or share them on social networking sites.

  • Full access to your production history
  • Video Description and Organization
  • Download as a standard video format for your use
  • Share online on social networking sites!
Video Library to play and broadcast your content
Would you like a customized version of Living Actor™ Presenter? Living Actor™ SaaS
Living Actor™ Presenter has been designed to be as simple as can be and to address our customers' most important needs. Many additional features can be easily embedded in the application and we would be happy to offer you a tailored tool that meets your expectations exactly.

Here are some premium customization examples:

  • Specific and customized avatars
  • Multi-user account management
  • Specific templates and export profiles
  • Customized application interface
  • Data back-up and specific access to data
  • Batch modes to generate large numbers of video files
  • Caption integration in the video files
  • Collaborative environment to share and review video production

Contact us! We’ll study your needs and provide you with a specific quotation.
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