Living Actor™ Assistant

Chatbot platform for the digital transformation of companies

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Create Your Own Assistant 100% Online!

You build your own intelligent 3D personalized assistant in just a few minutes. Living Actor™ indexes your knowledge base content and converts it into natural conversational speech and behaviors.

Provide Intuitive and Human-like Interactions!

You engage your web visitors in natural dialog with a 3D talking avatar who automatically answers web visitors’ questions in a FAQ and natural language search assistance style.

Offer Rich Media Answers!

Your Assistant uses a white board to display rich media content, making suggestions, guiding visitors to take specific actions, and encouraging them to explore content more deeply.

Measure the Performance and your ROI!

Analyze all the interactions of your assistant and understand web visitors’ needs and expectations. Enrich your assistant’s knowledge to increase their performance and your ROI!

They Use Living Actor™ Assistant

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