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LIVING ACTOR™ API: an Intelligent Avatar for your software applications

Living Actor™ is an open technology offering numerous APIs to control Avatars and Living Actor™ products: web services, HTML scripts, iOS / Android libraries…

Create your own content fast
Reduce your production costs
Multi-support environment for your avatar

A connected and open platform

Living Actor™ offers an open API that is ready for custom implementation and data exchange:

  • Advanced web integration
  • Contextualized use of customer and browser information
  • Security check and user filtering
  • Data collection and ticket creation
  • Secure data provision to third parties

All flows are secured with the latest security standards to guarantee complete integrity and security of data exchange.
Users on the Cloud

IOS & Android libraries for your Apps

Living Actor™ provides complete sets of libraries and web access to help you develop and embed Living Actor™ Avatars within your IOs and Androids native apps.

You can choose to embed the Living Actor™ component of your choice: a Talking Avatar using multilingual text-to-speech voices, an Intelligent Avatar with remote access to the Living Actor™ Assistant knowledge base and natural language processing (NLP)…
iOS, Android, HTML5

Custom API

Living Actor™ is a set of modular online services with specific custom access to help you design breakthrough innovations using Living Actor™ Avatars and software. The Living Actor™ platform includes the following major components:
  • 3D full-body, animated Avatars
  • Multilingual text-to-speech voices
  • Natural language processing engine
  • Knowledge base management system
  • Big data analytics environment
Web User


SDK & Price by Session
Living Actor™ APIs are provided with a complete software development kit (SDK) and access to expert support.
upon quotation
USA: +1 (407) 601-1266
France: +33 (0)1 8508 6209
50% fewer phone calls and emails
  • - reduce support calls
  • - virtual brand ambassador
  • - provide user-friendly selfcare service
Yoko is the virtual support assistant for Toshiba in Europe. She speaks 20 languages and solves most support issues for Toshiba Consumer electronics. Yoko is connected to Toshiba IT and client databases to offer personalized services.
40% fewer phone calls
  • - assist 38,000 retail bank employees
  • - knowledge management
  • - reduce support calls
CloE is deployed as a Windows Widget on employees' PCs, answering more than 50,000 questions every month, dramatically reducing their need for live support. She also communicates urgent news using her “push” functionality.
Virtual and live agents work as a team
  • - live agent hand-off
  • - answer FAQs
  • - reduce calls
  • - guarantee client’s satisfaction
Nora greets visitors of the InfoTBC website and assists them with trip planning, reservations, and other services for public transportation. When she cannot answer a question, she hands over the conversation to a live chat agent.
40% fewer support emails
  • - answer FAQs
  • - personalize online assistance
Olivier answers all Suez water supply contract questions 24/7 including invoicing, consumption, contracts, and online payments. He also manages emergencies and guides customers to the best service for their specific needs.
Multi-device support assistant
  • - reduce recurring calls
  • - explain Employee Savings plans
Thomas is the Virtual Expert for Natixis Interepargne. His mission ranges from delivering educational content which helps clients make the most out of their employee savings plan, to online assistance with transactions.
300,000 sessions / month
  • - answer FAQs
  • - recruitment and employee onboarding
  • - strategic communication
Commander DUPONT is available 24/7 on the French Army website. He answers candidates' questions regarding training conditions, tests, salary, risks, necessary skills, and more.


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