Living Actor™ products have been designed to give you direct access to our innovations in user-friendly interfaces and intuitive online tools. Select the Living Actor™ product that best suits you, then direct a high quality 3D avatar in a few clicks for your marketing, communication, e-learning, training or CRM project.

Living Actor™ Assistant: Intelligent Virtual Agent

Use Living Actor™ Assistant if you want to create a Siri-like virtual assistant, interactive FAQ for your Website, or deliver interactive e-learning. Living Actor™ Assistant is easy and intuitive to use.
Living Actor™ Assistant is an online authoring and analytics tool that enables you to create and publish your own 3D personalized assistant in just a few minutes for all Web and mobile applications.
Once published, the assistant answers questions with natural language, voice, and synchronized behaviors using an optional white board to display rich media content.
Living Actor™ Assistant includes powerful back-end analytics that provide a complete picture of your users’ interactions.
Assistant and Interactive FAQ

Living Actor™ Presenter: Avatar Online Studio

Use Living Actor™ Presenter if you want to create avatar-based videos quickly and easily. Living Actor™ Presenter is ideal for people who want to embed avatars in e-learning modules and Web presentations.
Avatar Presentation
Living Actor™ Presenter is a 100% online tool that generates video animations from an audio or text file that is used to automatically animate a high quality, 3D full body avatar.
Users – Training and communication managers, webmasters, instructional designers, and students - can easily download the video file, embed it in any presentation or training material, and share it over the Internet.

Living Actor™ Video: Multi-Avatar Software

Use Living Actor™ Video if you want to use several avatars within the same scene to create animated stories and simulations.
eLearning avatars studio
Living Actor™ Video software allows users to create and edit videos using high-quality avatars.
Living Actor™ Video uses a system of layers organized on a timeline showing avatars, audio, speech files, and other composite material to create videos at any resolution.

Living Actor™ API: Connect Your Avatar with Your Application

Do you need to embed an expressive, 3D real-time avatar in your interface? Control your avatar using our API for developers.
Living Actor™ API is a collection of Web services / SDKs that can give you direct access to our core animation components for real-time interaction with an avatar and voice services.
With our API, you can embed a Talking Living Actor™ Avatar in a booth, on a mobile device, or within a network-based service.

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