Cantoche created a unique methodology to help you select your avatar.
We offer a wide variety of virtual characters from our avatar gallery and we can create a customized avatar if you desire a unique ambassador for your project. We’ve created and animated more than 800 3D characters for clients all over the world.

Avatar Gallery

Cantoche has 100+ 3D animated characters ranging from cartoonish styles to realistic in a number of different job roles including teaching, business, nursing, construction, military, and so on.
Cartoonish Avatars Ben and FranckMan Avatar JavierWoman Avatar Suzanne
You can also ask for Gallery Avatar customization to adapt their looks to your industry or brand.
Different Customizations for Andrew

Customized Avatars

If you want a unique character for your project, then our 3D Studio will help you to create its design and animate it. Cantoche also works with well-known pre-existing characters that are brought to life in our Studio!
Here are some examples of customized avatars created for our clients:
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"La Cantoche has been a tremendous partner on this project," said Anthony DeCristofaro, president & CEO, MGI Software. "They helped bring LOONEY TUNES PhotoFun’s interface to life and make children’s PC photo experience an interactive and imaginative journey."

Avatar expressions and behavioral properties

Living Actor™ Avatars are fully automated, intelligent, and therefore dynamic. They can be virtual teachers, virtual presenters, experts, virtual assistants… or more. They can have distinct personalities and show emotions that are socially appropriate.
All you have to do is to provide a text or audio file: they automatically interpret the file to result in synchronizing their lips, expressions, and full body behaviors.
Avatr expressions and behaviors for the Avatar Angela
Living Actor™ products also provide optional advanced scripting tools if you want to select exact avatar behaviors.

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